The Benefits of Plastics in Sanitation

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Some plastics are designed to be used once or for a short period of time. Many of these help improve sanitation and safety, while lowering environmental impacts. From healthcare when we’re sick or hurt to keeping our food fresh and free of contaminants, plastic packaging makes it all possible.

Benefits of Single-Use Plastics

Health care professionals and patients rely on sterile plastics to protect health and hygiene. Single-use plastics are the cleanest, most efficient way to provide for those needs. Its sterility also helps preserve foods to keep them fresh for days or even weeks longer than they would without plastic packaging.

More Sanitation Benefits from Plastic

Plastic Sustainability

Plastics require fewer resources to create than other materials. If we were to replace plastic packaging with alternative materials, it would increase the amount of energy used and greenhouse gas created. Learn more about how plastic packaging is a sustainable packaging by design.