Preventing Food Waste

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Preventing Food Waste Solutions Plastic PackagingFood waste presents significant financial and environmental impacts.

The U.S. economy alone loses more than $200 billion every year to food waste. Plastic packaging helps mitigate this problem by preserving perishable foods and lengthening their shelf life. Beef, for example, can stay fresher for 26 days longer than it would without plastic packaging. That means 26 more days to use the product before it goes bad. This helps not only consumers and the average household to save money and waste less, but retail and food-service businesses as well.

Food also requires so many natural resources, such as water, land and fuel to make and distribute. When that food is tossed, all the resources that went into are wasted as well. Because plastic packaging requires less resources, and because it helps prevent food waste, it helps save more resources in the long run.

Learn more about how plastic food packaging has the ability to aid in preventing food waste, saving money, and reducing environmental effects.

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