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For over 20 years, Earth911 has positioned itself as The Recycling Authority. We were in the green space before it was cool. is a free online resource that helps consumers match their values and purchase behaviors, while adapting sustainable and eco-friendly practices to drive impactful changes in the environment.

As part of their initiative, Earth911 strives to increase recycling rates, helping you find sustainable options to live a happier, healthier, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Earth911 Recycling Guide:

Not knowing what can and can’t go in your recycling bins can get complicated, but Earth911 has an expansive list of recycling resources frequently asked questions to help guide you. Search by industry or material type to get started.

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Earth911’s directory provides consumers and businesses with over 1.6 million ways to recycle more than 350 different materials. If you’re looking to recycle a product, chances are Earth911 can help.

Not sure where to recycle your plastic, e-waste, scrap, and other materials? Use Earth911’s Recycling Search function to find recycling locations nearest you.

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