Personal Care & Cosmetic Packaging

makeup and cosmetic packagingFew sectors value beauty, design, and function as much as the cosmetic packaging industry. From high-end luxury cosmetics to everyday personal care products, plastics play a major role in delivering products to market.

Modern Luxury

In the 18th and 19th centuries, perfumes, fine creams, and other high-end personal luxuries were almost exclusively packaged in glass and ceramic. However, the advent of hi-tech specialty resins has enabled designers to create unusual shapes, specialty colors, and delivery mechanisms with plastics. Whether it’s sparkling clear, durable, diamond-faceted containers or copper-hued, satin-finish flexible tubes, plastics enable lightweight, durable, and attractive packaging solutions.

Personal Care

For personal care products, plastics are a material of choice for manufacturing shatterproof and “no-spill” bottles, jars, tubs, caps, and closures. Flexible pouches and tubes allow for improved product evacuation, which can reduce waste while maintaining visibility. Plastics also enable innovations like compact and portable packaging, which is a growing consumer trend.

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Types of Plastics

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