Plastics are instrumental in developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. Explore the benefits and applications of plastic packaging.

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Trucost Report on Plastics

New report found that the environmental cost of using plastics in consumer goods and packaging is nearly four times less than it would be if plastics were replaced with alternative materials.

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What to Do with Plastic Packaging That Can’t Go in the Bin

You probably know that there are certain types of plastic that many municipalities do not accept in curbside recycling bins. A lot of these plastics are plastic films, like grocery bags. But just because they can’t go to the curb doesn’t mean you have to chuck them in the trash where they’re bound for a landfill.

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Why Plastic Packaging

Plastics help make packaging lighter, shatter-resistant and more energy efficient. Plus, many plastic packages can be recycled or recovered for energy value. They’re innovative, sustainable and cost-effective.