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Trucost Report on Plastics

New report found that the environmental cost of using plastics in consumer goods and packaging is nearly four times less than it would be if plastics were replaced with alternative materials.

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Consumers say convenience is the key to reducing food waste

If you asked consumers about their thoughts on why it’s important to prevent food waste, what do you think they would say? The money they would save? Their concern for the environment? Not wanting to feel bad about throwing food away? Think again. The truth is, most...

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Helping You Find the Packaging Resources You Need

We've recently revamped the Plastic Packaging Facts Resource Center to better help you find studies and reports you need on key topics. Originally designed to house an array of research and industry reports about plastic packaging and how plastics enhance packaging...

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Why Plastic Packaging

Plastics help make packaging lighter, shatter-resistant and more energy efficient. Plus, many plastic packages can be recycled or recovered for energy value. They’re innovative, sustainable and cost-effective.