Plastics are instrumental in developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. Explore the benefits and applications of plastic packaging.

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Trucost Report on Plastics

New report found that the environmental cost of using plastics in consumer goods and packaging is nearly four times less than it would be if plastics were replaced with alternative materials.

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Plastic Straws: An On-Demand Approach Makes Sense

According to the Ocean Conservancy, volunteers pick up more than 400,000 plastic straws from beaches around the world, each year. As an industry committed to developing innovations that help make life better, we know that there are a multitude of ways that plastic...

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Plastic Drives Packaging Design Innovation


Greener Packaging Starts with Plastic


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Why Plastic Packaging

Plastics help make packaging lighter, shatter-resistant and more energy efficient. Plus, many plastic packages can be recycled or recovered for energy value. They’re innovative, sustainable and cost-effective.