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Why Plastic Packaging?

Welcome to, brought to you by The American Chemistry Council. This site answers the simple question: Why Plastic Packaging?

Today’s plastics can be shaped in thousands of ways to serve myriad purposes, from air bags to cell phones. This adaptability serves today’s packaging needs, from merchandising to product protection to recycling.

This site gathers information on the makeup of plastics, their use in packaging, and their role in the environment. There’s already lots of information available on these topics – this site brings it together in one place to make it easier to explore, research, and learn.

Plastics 101

So...just what are plastics?

Modern plastics really are space age materials. The rapid growth of plastics coincided with – and helped enable – aeronautics and the space race, along with rapid economic progress. Find out what these modern materials are all about…

Plastic Packaging

It's all about choices

There are many types of plastics with various properties, which means they can deliver for so many diverse packaging needs – from the routine such as cushioning eggs to the life saving such as rushing human organs to surgery for a transplant. The uses seem endless…


Plastics and sustainability

As consumers, companies and countries grow more concerned about the health of the planet, packaging, like everything else, has come under scrutiny. How much is too much? Can we recycle it? What about greenhouse gases? Find out…


Flexible plastic packaging...a sustainable solution!

Flexible packaging is a great choice for durable, safe and convenient food and beverage packaging. This fun, educational animated video from Dow shows the sustainable benefits of flexible plastic packaging. It's strong, helps preserve food longer, and easier to transport than some alternatives, which saves energy.